Extreme Low Temperature Airfoil Low Leakage Damper

Ultra Low Leak Thermally Broken Airfoil Blade Control Damper Low Temperature

The T29B is designed for extreme low temperature applications with an operating range of -70° to +200° F.

The extruded aluminum frame is thermally broken in two locations on all sides of the damper.These breaks isolate each of the three sections (interior, center, exterior) with a two part urethane plastic insulation with a thermal conductivity of .0801 BTU/FT F.

The blades are an extruded aluminum airfoil design that minimizes turbulent airflow and reduces pressure drop across the face of the unit. The airfoil blade is insulated with a high-density foam injected polyurethane. Each blade is thermally broken on the entering and leaving edges of the blade; preventing temperature transfer when the damper is in the fully closed position.

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